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All examples and studies in this section are performed with slightly older version of SAM, and they were part of series of tests and experiments that we ran for validation and exploration.

Experimental Studies

In this section, we present several experimental studies, each targeting different aspects of conducting research. We start by investigating the effects of Selective Reporting on probability of finding significant results, followed by an experiment showcasing the effects of Sample Size Variation on known metrics of quality and bias.

We continue by incorporating different hacking strategies to our models and tackle the sophisticated question of understanding their interactions with other aspects of conducting research and consequently their effects of meta analysis metrics.

As we progress by adding more sophistications to our design, we continue incorporating our results and understandings from previous studies to our new studies. We will show that with this approach we would be able to unravel the boundary of each QRP’s influence on scientific outcomes.

Last update: 2021-09-18