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Experiment Configurations

Experiment parameters split into 4 main sections. While first four paramters are describing the overall design of the study, parameters of each individual module are encapsulated into three sections, ie., Data Strategy, Test Strategies, and Effect Strategies.

Parameter Type Description
n_reps integer Indicates the number of replications of the same research.
n_conditions integer Indicates the number of conditions, m. Excluding the control group.
n_dep_vars integer Indicates the number of dependent variables in each condition, n.
n_obs integer, array, Parameter Indicates the number of observations per group
data_strategy string Specify the underlying Data Strategy.
test_strategy string Specify the underlying Test Strategies.
effect_strategy string Specify the underlying Effect Strategies.

The code snippet below showcases a sample of Experiment's parameters that's being used in Bakker et al., 2012.

Experiment's Configurations

  "experiment_parameters": {
    "n_obs": 20,
    "n_conditions": 2,
    "n_dep_vars": 2,
    "data_strategy": {
      "name": "LinearModel",
      "measurements": {
          "dist": "mvnorm_distribution",
          "means": [0, 0, 0.25, 0.25],
          "sigma": [[1.0,   0.5,   0.0,   0.0],
                    [0.5,   1.0,   0.0,   0.0],
                    [0.0,   0.0,   1.0,   0.5],
                    [0.0,   0.0,   0.5,   1.0]]
    "test_strategy": {
      "name": "TTest",
      "alpha": 0.05,
      "alternative": "TwoSided",
      "var_equal": true
    "effect_strategy": {
      "name": "MeanDifference"

Last update: 2021-09-18